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Evening DFS,
I’m looking to trade my Reserve Fern set primarily for a different fern or Fougere. I’ve used this set less than 5 times. I can get you a weight if you like. Sets I’m interested in are:

WK Fougere Bouquet with toner
WK Fern Concero with toner
CL/DG Blackberry Bay with toner
B&M Beaudelaire set
DG Southern Paradise set

I’m always open to offers so please feel free to reach out. I’m also looking for a Razorock GameChanger.84 baseplate.
I also have a 4th and Pine/ 88 and Chestnut Toner and salve that I need to trade. The LOTH let me know she isn’t a fan so the post shave stuff has to find a new home. I happen to think it’s tremendous work from Shawn but SWMBO’ed likes darker scents in general on me.
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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