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Morning gents! Looking to trade this gorgeous 3/3 full Sabini brush. Not looking for anything in particular so give me a shout if you are interested! Only thing I’d like to avoid are software items and straight razors. Thanks for looking!

Knot size: 27x58 (amazing loft!)

[Image: c5b3abb4-b092-41f6-afd6-ae9b9c26d17d_rw_...9c2897d73f]

[Image: cf3304c7bafcb777caba64f717e9b36c.jpg]

[Image: 74f1b0b19ddef90370d3ef2201e93c65.jpg]

[Image: e08a167088f367d50924fd6f3f4d7a57.jpg]

[Image: 6284ccbebd97be1b4c6ebbbdbc3ce900.jpg]

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