Hey all I am looking to trade a very clean Gillette Red Tip. The date code is A4. The person I bought it from repainted the tip red. I am looking for a used Rockwell 6c that is in decent shape. I would also take some soap commander sets. Let me know if you have any questions or would like some more pictures. Thanks for looking![Image: 7cf2694f809e5a5e8d16d5d14e449d5b.jpg][Image: 92a3fb7420f130bda3604dff8ed418f0.jpg][Image: b52b281d39951e823b60cf9815248612.jpg][Image: 741961ba3663df355e68dc10b525f48f.jpg][Image: 48d2c0a24d53ba7de5c26edd3c96fdb9.jpg][Image: 31154633f097bf7e75dcfcbbed42369b.jpg]

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