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Wanting to try Tallow & Steel products. I would prefer V3 in Dark 2, Boreal or Sicily

Up for Trade

I have: (photos w/weights available)

Wholly Kaw (Donkey)

Cyphre Rose Concerto (used 2 -3 times)

Declaration Grooming
La Foret De Liguest (soap + splash)

Murphy & McNeil (scooped once to lather for scent)

Mandate of Heaven
Cat Sidhe

Cold River Soap Works
Glide Morning Ghost (soap + splash) used 2 times
Olfactory Hue (soap + splash) used 2 times

Fougere (used 2 - 3 times)

Agua Balsamic AS,
Antesol Pre and Post Massage AS

PM me if interested.
I’ve got T+S Merry Used once. I also have Sicily Complete sets. Sicily have been used maybe 4-5x though if that still interests you

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