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Hi All,

I have a Declaration Blood of Kings Jefferson (B3 knot) that I might be willing to trade. Mainly looking for other “cool” brushes (for example- Declaration, Strawberry Amber Paladin Brushes, Wiborg, etc.). Send me a PM if interested.

[Image: rRRUZL0.jpg]
[Image: U5X7Zpe.jpg]

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What knot?

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(07-27-2018, 06:49 PM)Nh wet shaver Wrote: What knot?

My apologies- B3 knot, original post has been updated.
How many times was it used? Are you interested in straight sale?

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I don’t have an exact number (usage), the brush hasn’t been used much though. Not looking to sell at this time, thanks for the interest.

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