Northern NJ
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Up for you consideration for potential trade (or outright purchase):

1 brand new untouched tub of Bufflehead Elephant walk soap in pouch
1 brand new untouched tub of Grooming Dept Pre Shave ( tub labeled Unscented but it has a somewhat minty smell to me so not sure if it was mislabeled or just picked up ghost fragrance during curing/packaging)

Looking for (2) brand new tubs of the current Grooming Department Unscented Asinus (donkey, duck, lamb). This soap is still currently available at the GD website so if your interested in this proposition I’ll hang tight and you can purchase and send to me. For simplicity sake I will accept $50 PP CONUS only and I will just buy the GD myself. Either way whatever you like. 

Not interested in anything else at this time so no other trade offers please. Thanks and enjoy the weekend everyone!

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