Hi all. I have for trade this Anderson Malmo straight razor. It has been honed professionally and shaved with once. This wedge has a great shaving edge and shape to it. I understand this to be a rather rare Swedish steel razor. Scales I believe are horn. I've not tried to polish it because I rather like the patina.
I'm not one for heavy grinds, so in return I'm looking for a full hollow ground Eskilstuna or Sheffield razor of good repute. Freshly honed and unquestionably shave ready please. CONUS only, please PM with interest. Thanks

[Image: 7a97a965a5f9d84968432fa667047f6e.jpg]
[Image: 64f79cf5295b19d8da5bdccdc529bc86.jpg]
[Image: e3ff3053ffd2cdea4516091519b76ac3.jpg]
[Image: 9042fdeb9e07f9e1c72593175f76909e.jpg]

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