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WR1 .86 or .94

Solid Bar or OC or Dual,
With a handle or without,

Can offer
0.54, 0.61, 0.67 or  0.74 Wolfmans for
a trade
Thank you,
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Still looking

Living on the edge
Is the WR2 1.05 OC not doing it for you?
0.105 is an excellent razor but
I would like to complete my WR1 collection now ,
from 0.54 to the most aggressive ones.
And I also hope that WR1 0.86 or 0.94 are gong to be more aggressive than WR2 0.105 OC..
I could be wrong but would like to try
The WR1 .94 is more aggressive/efficient than the WR2 1.15

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