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San Jose, California
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This is what I have

1. Wolfman WR-2 1.15 SB Head - Mirror Polished
2. Wolfman WRH-2 90mm Hollow Handle - Mirror Polished
3. Wolfman Stand - Basic Textured

Total weight of the Razor - 96/97 grams (without stand)
Where the handle meets the head, there is a circular mark from the time I used the razor without a Washer. Every other part is flawless.

Current Retail for this Combo is - $855 CAD which translates to $602 USD. About an year of wait time.

This is what I am looking for

Two DG Brushes 27mm or bigger with B1/B2/B5/B6 knots in DG handles

Or, One DG Brush 27mm or bigger plus cash.

Not interested in any other batches right now.

[Image: UqAOaWz.jpg]
[Image: UqAOaWz.jpg]
[Image: 6s4s8dm.jpg]
[Image: Zr2pgNA.jpg]
[Image: tRK0aSS.jpg]
[Image: ifGe5Q4.jpg]
[Image: NrkQN8g.jpg]

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San Jose, California

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