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Looking to trade my like-new Varlet Gaslamp, my Declaration Grooming one-off B4 Sol, and/or my polished Wolfman WR2 1.05SB with WRH3 handle for (or toward) a Varlet Ranger, Black Eagle hand-tied brush, or Wiborg white badger brush in an interesting resin. If you're interested, please let me know what you have.

[Image: XCsHVP9.jpg]

[Image: hG7UGf2.jpg]

[Image: 7RWX3W5.jpg]

[Image: vuimWtE.jpg]

[Image: zELZdpI.jpg]
[Image: NnQnJLk.jpg]
[Image: 6lT5nQI.jpg]
[Image: c0YWWyt.jpg]

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