I've had a Style 3 Size 3 in the past, but passed it along.  I am interested in one in any loft and any handle color.  I would buy outright or trade for other Rooney Finest brushes.

Let me know if you'd like to make a trade/let me purchase one.  Top dollar paid.

Here are a few photos of the brush I'd like to offer in trade for your 3/3 Rooney Finest.

It is the highly coveted Style 1 Size 2 in Faux Horn. Specs: 24 mm x 52.  Some of the softest and whitest tips you'll ever find. The brush was purchased in 2007 and has been well cared for. Please PM with any questions or trade options.

[Image: o3f41Ej.jpg]

[Image: E5BpXVz.jpg]

[Image: 6AtmG4f.jpg]

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