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I have a bunch of gear I just simply can't get into a rotation. All top notch artisans. Immediately below is a link to a gallery of the gear for trade. The Darkfall set is saved for someone with an unused set of Bandwagon. The B&M is Fern. The bottle of Enforce is a dupe of A&F Fierce. I have the box for the Versace. 

Gear for Trade

Levels can be seen in the pictures but Ryan uses those blackout bottles. I weighed an unopened bottle of T&S and got 230 grams full. I weighed each below with lids on as well and came up with the following grams. The missing amounts should be the liquid used. 

Himalaya - 227g
Merch 7 - 216g
Madagascar - 209g

Here is the gear I'm looking to get backups for. Any soaps offered up need to be unused. 

MLS Kraken Splash
MLS Panty Dropper Splash
A&E Undersea Splash
DG Bandwagon EDT
DG Bandwagon Splash
B&M Fougere Angelique Splash
B&M Fougere Gothique EDT
B&M Fougere Gothique Splash
Mammoth Almond Leather Splash
CF Ghost Town Barber Splash
CK6 Soaps - Depends on scent
L'Occitane Cade Rich Shaving Cream
L'Occitane Cade EDT

While I'm not limited to any trade above is what I use now and would like to get backups for. But send a PM with any offers or if you need more detail for any of the gear.

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Pic not loading but pm sent on Himalaya Splash
Thanks for confirming Dave. I wasn't sure if it was a me thing or sitewide. No idea why Imgur not loading on DFS. Its working elsewhere.

Link below. Just remove the *


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I have new B&M Terror soap trade for Fern if you like?

Alan H
(10-19-2020, 12:27 AM)AlanH81 Wrote: Hi

I have new B&M Terror soap trade for Fern if you like?

Alan H
It's more than fair but I unloaded my Terror splash a day after I got it. Literally couldn't touch anything on my body after using it and that was with washing my hands like 3 times. That synthetic cooling agent is tough to keep in one area.

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