I am less into razors as a hobby so I figured I would see if anyone had some guitar stuff they might interested in moving for razor stuff. I expect there to be much cash on my end. To be honest more than anything Im hoping by offering some hard to find razor stuff someone will sell me some of the guitar pieces I want but so be it.

Mods lmk if this is not in line with rules but fwiw I do actually intend to trade one/more of these in any transaction. 

Im not selling outright. If you ask me to sell stuff outright I wont answer your DM. Sorry to come off like that but Im really only interested in letting go of this stuff if it will result in me finding some toys that Im struggling to find examples of.

If you have an interest and you have some gear I might be into, I will pull out my DSLR and take pictures of whatever you want

If it came with a box originally, I have it.

Wolfman WR-2 .95 SB with handle
Paradigm 17-4
Raw Shaving RS-10
Various CG razors: LVL 2 in Steel and Copper, several handles (mostly hammered but I do have a copper anchor and a stinger too), I do have 1 level 3 head
Rocnel Elite Aggressive

Paladin PK47 2CSLD4 fan
Paladin Bullgoose 10th anni 
Wolf Whiskers custom
Art of Shaving badger
Simpson Chubby Synthetic
Paladin Lotus
Black Eagle Christmas
Declaration B8 fan with Bristle Brushworks gold and blue swirl resin

What Im looking for:
Gibson Collector's Choice #42 JD Simo 335
Gibson Collector's Choice #24 Nicky
Lentz Rosewood S style with vintage output pickups
Cunetto Rosewood fingerboard strats in custom colors with non-gold hardware

Froggy Bottom Model M in Cocobolo or Rosewood
Suhr SL68

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Im gonna reiterate because I may not have been clear enough.

I am not interested in selling. Please do not ask me to sell you a razor.

If you have one of the things on my list and want to do a cash + razors trade we can talk.

Im not interested in other razors but if you have something you think would appeal to me based on the list of guitar stuff I want that's not on there feel free to reach out.

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