Northern NJ
I have some soaps and things taking up space that I’m not using. I’d like to trade them for a tub(s) of new unused Grooming Dept unscented Asinus donkey base. I’m willing  to put together some configuration of these items to get a trade worked out. If any combo or all of of these items interests you and you have a new tub(s) of Asinus shoot me a message lets work something out. These are the items I’m looking to trade out:

(NEW) WK unscented Bare Naked donkey tallow soap
          WK unscented pre shave oil in airless glass pump (used a couple of times)
          Jabonman Eufros LE BADASS soap (1/2 full approximately)
          Declaration unscented Bison base (1/2 full approximately)
(NEW) untouched tub GD unscented pre shave 
          Tub of unscented Veritas v1 base that has been firmed up ( a couple of ounces left approximately scooped out of the tub)
(NEW) sealed 4oz bottle of Thayers aftershave (not the toner this one has alcohol)

Will provide pictures upon request. Not looking to sell items individually right now. Thanks everyone

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