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This wallet is new/never used. I received this as a gift.

Paul Smith wallets are of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. They sell new for over $250, but I will accept much less in trade for quality shaving gear.

Things I’m interested in:

Blackland Blackbird or Dart
Grooming Dept Products
Jurgen Hemple UFO 2 Handle
2-Band Brushes
... feel free to make other offers!


[Image: 9cb8c77c44000598aa3f1f2cb201bf3f.jpg]

[Image: f5c7449f1d77845a9aa6c2b0f724b960.jpg]

[Image: 4cbf96e6d7ca4976575e19dd12680539.jpg]

[Image: 56e2c51d290479ed5a918a6e726be39e.jpg]

[Image: a9e05b60cbd43b87f71ed0b1789f70c3.jpg]

Des Moines, IA
Beautiful offering!

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Offers welcome

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