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I'm looking to trade this Timeless Titanium .95 oc razor for another razor or brush.  There is no change in the shave with the razor just some change in the appearance.  A new Timeless Titanium with this set up runs $250.  I do have the card for the company that did the work and will include it with the razor and box. However, please pm with any other you have.  We can work out any difference in value with cash via PayPal.

 My preference would be for a Tartara Nodachi or Geoff Anderson Shavemac but please feel free to PM with any offers you might have.  However, not really looking for software unless something very unique or limited.  If a trade doesn't work out, I'll sell it for $180 shipped in CONUS.

If any additional pictures are needed, let me know.
[Image: SVGQyuK.jpg]
[Image: 4AAjZye.jpg]
[Image: JkRNOIQ.jpg]

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What did you have done to it, specifically?
I acquired it two or so years ago here on the forum or on one of the other forums. It is my understanding the original owner had it anodized. With the original Timeless coating the anodization resulted in the greenish color being added. I do have the the card of the company who did the work (supplied from original owner in my transaction) and I'll include that. If I can find the old thread on the appropriate forum I'll provide a link.

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As found on the Titanic. So cool looking. I have my heart set in a polished scalloped one, so will pass. Still, quite a unique item with a special charm at a good price. GLWTS!

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