Rex Envoy DE Razor & Barbershop Soap DFS Raffle. Read more here!!

Ideally looking for a trade. If you want to buy outright, I will include prices and they include shipping G&S. Shipping is $5 for one item. For multiple I will discount for whatever incremental actual shipping cost.

For the one blade core, 2 packs of nee blades, box, new OB blade bank (not pictured) and travel pouch- looking for a merkur 34c in really good condition. Send me pix. Ideally with the box. For purchase $25.

For Simpson wee Scott, looking for a semogue 610 or similar semogue boar. This Wee Scott has been used about 14 times - only used it for travel. For purchase, $25.

For the soap trade: Looking for proraso sandalwood tube and AS, body shop maca (if it’s been scooped vs tub lathered), or other tube cream (looking for a soap that I can travel with easily). The pre de Provence soap has hardly been used - you can still see the imprint. The star noir has only been scooped out 3 times. For purchase for all the soaps and balm, $20.[Image: 37793d9b882fe40c127fb74ede498535.jpg]

[Image: 4526be0d65e7aca06cf6e17ce68fcf85.jpg][Image: 766253e4401dc46e76c9c317b97e5d15.jpg][Image: d4c144a0f1d4b6ea838c9708a0164fff.jpg][Image: 7a94751d75d69b543151e22667ba82c9.jpg][Image: 37793d9b882fe40c127fb74ede498535.jpg]

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