Homelike Shaving Start DE Razor DFS Raffle. Read more here!!

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A few nice items up for trade. 

Here's what I've got...
Marfin 138 
Marfin 235 TRADED!
Paladin Ebonite Conflux 30mm  2CL NB6  TRADED!
Weber PH
Wolf Whiskers 30mm Big Cypress knot
Declaration B3 BoK Theo GONE!
Declaration B3 24mm Huck
Rocnel 2018 1.95

Trade desires +/-$
Black Eagle
ATT Windsor
unobtanium software
I'm open to other offers as well.  Just no straights

[Image: 35MPDMp.jpg]

[Image: MAsl806.jpg]

[Image: DJZWNy1.jpg][Image: QBDrAZM.jpg]

Elizabethtown, KY
Would you be willing to sell just the Weber bulldog handle (assuming it’s 80mm?). Or I could also trade you for a 90mm bulldog handle if interested.
to the top!

Des Moines, IA
The Weber PH has to be one of the Top 10 razors of all time.

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