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Let's do some trading.  Here's what I've got...

[Image: i53QZ5g.jpg]

Declaration brushes...
Wild West multicolored with 26mm B6 knot
Mozingo reddish pink with 26mm B4 knot
Dogwood beehive butterscotch 24mm B4 knot

[Image: 6K2Oy41.jpg]

Charcoal Goods Level 2 dual comb head
Charcoal Goods Level 1 dual comb razor
Yates Precision Manufacturing razor with both base plates, brand new.  I love this razor and bought this as a backup.

[Image: ZXrn9w1.jpg]

Raw Shaving, all new except for the 2 razor stand which is lightly used.
RS-4  stand, brand new, no box
RS-7 stand, light use, with box
RS brush with synthetic knot, brand new, no box
RS-18 razor, brand new, no box
RS razor cases brand new, with boxes
strips for the RS-18

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