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Dear fellow DFShavers,

I might regret it later, but I am putting here for trade the two brushes that I thought I would never part with. Both of them are in that infamous “unobtanium” category. They are in immaculate  condition and used only a couple of times after being thoroughly cleaned.

I am not planning to sell these brushes and would like to offer them in exchange for other excellent specimens with stronger backbone. The brands that I am interested are: Simpson’s Chubby in Manchurian and SiLVERTiP, The Varlet Mega and Ranger 27mm and greater, Paladins with ebonite handles, and 3XL M&F. If you have other brushes that you believe fit the bill please let me know.

Brush # 1 Plisson #12 TRADED!

Brush #2 Simpson’s Chubby 2 Super from the “grey box era” Dimensions: knot 29mm by 57.7mm, which also puts this brush into a perfect bowl-lathering category.

[Image: a18Dj9E.jpg]

[Image: eXWmJEO.jpg]

[Image: F1x1iZe.jpg]

[Image: t0RMGAt.jpg]

[Image: DDHMMO4.jpg]

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Both brushes are very nice! GLWTT!

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Thank you!
Plisson is traded.
Would consider a Declaration Brush - 26mm and greater. no b3 please

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