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Razors below include PayPal fees and shipping to US or Canada. 

Yates M razor - $90 usd (this is extra, I’m keeping my own Yates head but different handle. Great shaver).   SOLD

LUPO - $26 usd. SOLD

Parker Semi-Slant - $26 usd

Fatip mk1 - $23 usd SOLD
Yintal Bronze - $3 must add to one above SOLD

Will add blade pack and soap sample to any above. 
[Image: uzBkiN4.jpg]
[Image: 5Qgxbfr.jpg]
[Image: 4QpnGCX.jpg][Image: OsUXZuz.jpg]

These will ship tomorrow morning if purchased today. See my trade feedback to verify that I work quickly. 


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Does the Yates have universal threads?
It is the original threads, I’ve discounted it $35 USD even though they are currently unavailable on his site.

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