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Hey guys. Here goes! The den has reached max capacity. Hate to see these go, but it is time. Add $5 to all prices for shipping.

Zebra Joris: $125 - SOLD
'11 R41 on LASSC BBS-1 handle: $150 $140
'13 R41 with original handle - $40 $35

Thanks for looking!

aka: The drizzle, The fume, The puddle
doh i saw the bbs-1 handle and thought heck yes i want... then realized it was the r41 head lol. i already own 2. glwts!!!
Bump for price reduction
Still have the r41 with bbs?
(11-20-2015, 06:08 PM)trolleytrolley Wrote: Still have the r41 with bbs?

List is up to date :-)

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