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I have the following brushes for sale/trade.

Prices include shipping/fees within the US. International shipping will be extra based on location. 

1) B7 Jeffo Emerald - $335 - SOLD
2) B7 Jeffo Matte Unicorn Bone - $310 - SOLD
3) B6 Jeffo Le Tigre - for trade only - Pending Trade
4) B6 Theo Unicorn Ivory - $365

All brushes are in like new condition.

Looking for the following in trade:
1) Varlet Low Light Ranger
2) Any one off Custom Varlets
3) B6 Shipwreck
4) B8 Rednicorn

[Image: 6M1zM1j.jpg][Image: kTEYgU9.jpg][Image: DsKAVxY.jpg][Image: FKYZx89.jpg][Image: DNDxryK.jpg][Image: SxYSqNs.jpg][Image: gN2njDm.jpg][Image: jejyIPl.jpg][Image: gzA7M3w.jpg]

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Beautiful brushes.

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