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Up for sale:

1. Wolfman WR1 on WRH1 handle. Blade gap at .74. Polished finish.
Asking: $500 shipped

2. Charcoal Goods lvl 1 on a Magnum Handle. This razor does not have a number on it. Only the logo and lvl is on the base plate. It is an Antique Bronze finish and some of the finish is wearing off on the top cap. Also comes with a wooden box.
Asking: $200

3. Paladin Disco Lotus. 26mm I cannot remember the knot code but I do have the tube and the printed card. Very soft and gel like tips.
Asking: $150

4. Paladin KC-London Purple Haze Chief. 26mm knot. This is an amazing knot. This also comes with tube and printed card.
Asking: $150

[Image: 7a8bfb432ec215df78139236e6a72702.jpg]

[Image: b4fcc978e6706bbc8c59ac83543998d9.jpg]

[Image: 58571284011aedd1af1d3d7b15e2d8dd.jpg]

[Image: 8f09f4bad4ab3d3668a79f6d7f2771af.jpg]

[Image: b9f34e7ac33875ad887df23a8fc88f15.jpg]

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Pm sent
Unfortunately I will only in USA only.
KC-London Paladin SOLD
Wolfman is SOLD

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