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A. Feitar
Portland, OR
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I received this for Christmas but I am a face latherer. I am selling it for what my wife paid for it. $99 Free Shipping. PRICE DROP. $75!!!!!!!

Hand thrown stoneware with satin glaze. This lather bowl was designed by Sarah Wolf of Wolf Ceramics specifically for us! The bottom is not glazed (but still water safe) so it has a rough texture ideal for getting a good grip.

-Designed by Sarah Wolf
-Handmade in Portland, OR
-Crafted from red stoneware
-Ribbed bottom
-Hand glazed with satin glaze for better grip with wet hands
-Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.75 x 2.0 inches

Wolf Ceramics wares are all hand made and intended for every day use. Though they are dishwasher and microwave safe, hand washing and handling with care will extend the life of your ceramics. Hand washing is recommended particularly for pieces with colored underglaze designs on the edges.

[Image: 08sl73j.png]
[Image: nJbPDbE.png][Image: Ol99moD.png]
[Image: 3LP4vvb.png]

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A. Feitar
Portland, OR
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Price Dropped to $90.

A. Feitar
Portland, OR
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Reduced to $80 The photos do not do it justice. This is a very beautiful high end piece of work from a Pacific NW artist.

A. Feitar
Portland, OR
Bump please. Price dropped to $75

A. Feitar
Portland, OR
Bump please

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