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[Image: WFU47YE.jpg][Image: V0hSV6p.jpg][Image: C2ku4be.jpg][Image: K5zmFEF.jpg][Image: ecNhgWO.jpg][Image: iFCopSV.jpg][Image: BhJG17Z.jpg][Image: 7Ymftxm.jpg][Image: 3VEuWBy.jpg]Looking to sell these razors as a lot. I will try and grade them. Please feel free to ask for more pics. Asking $60 shipped CONUS ONLY

3 coffins and 2 half coffins. Condition varies some ends of the top or bottom missing. 

Detroit Special. I had plans for
This razor until I found a crack in the blade. 

Blue Lady Gillette- Good to very good condition. Opens smoothly. 

Pink Lady Gillette- user grade at Best Buy could be a good revamp candidate. Tight opening and closure. Brassing and dulling on the razor. 

Gillette TTO- I believe this is a super speed. No date codes. Good condition. 

Schick TTO w/ case. Very good condition. Opens and closes smoothly. 

Schick Everready Injector. User grade as it has a weird scratch on the head and on the handle. Could clean up / polish better  

Short handle GEM w/ wooden box. Box is a bit loose. Razor has the typical scratches on the head from the case. Some brassing on the handle. Otherwise this is very shiny and in good condition. About 8-9 wrapped blades between the two packs. No idea what condition. 

Thanks for looking.

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