Happy new year gents.

After a failed attempt in the past, I am here to offer you a BBS-1.

You know this is a razor for serious collectors. This is my target group, not trolls who don't know the value of this razor and what represents for the hoby.

It's the first razor made by James Dufour exclusively for the Los Angeles Shave Soap Company. The company was sold some time ago to another maker.

My asking price reflects the market value of this razor.

I'm asking $2000 shipped insured via DHL Premium service. If the asking price of a recent Ti WR2 is about $1400, then this razor has to be sold for more.

If you're serious about it, let's talk.

It's a 2-digit. I will reveal the full number to the buyer. This is not a joke, it has been discussed in many threads. James keeps a track.

I don't really care much if I sell this, but this is the price I could let it go for at the moment. In five years, it will probably worth more than that. Who knows. It's like a Bottom FatBoy or a Toggle. Some products are rare and the market value changes all the time.

I could send more detailed photos to a serious person/buyer, but these are a few.

Before starting the nonsense we saw earlier today, read again the BST rules.

Merci beaucoup.

[Image: QRkPLdQ.jpg]

[Image: YgDMTee.jpg]

[Image: hV3tlYn.jpg]

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Philadelphia, PA
just throwing this out there....if the comments start going downhill, I'm going to issue bans....

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
excellent product and price, gentlesir!

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A Beauty! I actually just came back from visiting James. Got to see how the BBS-1 all started. Fantastic guy!

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Living on the edge
I do appreciate someone who takes the trouble to keep their razors flawless...it's hard work.
This piece looks great.

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