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Thater 26mm boar with Thater stand - $80

Thater 4125 badger brush with Thater stand $100

Proraso boar brush NIB - $14

Zenith cooper core / chrome plated premium 26mm boar. Very slight blemish on collar - see pic. This is the scrubby but plush ~57mm loft - $20

One Blade hybrid razor with a OB stand and pack of blades (I am selling the stand from my One Blade core) - $125

All prices include domestic shipping with tracking. PayPal only. No trades.

I can send more pix per request.

[Image: 7b8b422142345c47a76bb73316fd9e42.jpg][Image: d85352942fb36628167c8095a538013c.jpg][Image: 95cca1521c463d9a4c33bc86b5c4b3ff.jpg][Image: f96d2485246e3f13086d23b26f60e73a.jpg][Image: aa0aa62750324a8bc16f6820b210b810.jpg][Image: ecef649445353dad1a4e3346d167220d.jpg][Image: 260eedbea871592bddafd8403a10fb99.jpg][Image: 65d27748d255fa5078dca941fcaa05fc.jpg][Image: 2ec2b2613a16056f66081b6b7bf0a472.jpg][Image: 4e18c545ce2886a52fced93703a81dcf.jpg][Image: 324b704badc1ae3d74d791587bc6b04e.jpg][Image: ef22ab7db8f7706a72c8d37d3810e7f5.jpg][Image: 629fc4734fa27004eee7c63a4c0d9b73.jpg][Image: d49128d71059d96e39071a8b842d8f37.jpg][Image: 5e18a4c10c4994370bf60b8bc18913c6.jpg]

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