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Looking to sell these soap lots. Shipping included. CONUS ONLY.

B&M Lot: $100
Dickens (Glissant) 90%
Eventide (Glissant) 98%
Winter Spice (White Label) 80%
Hallows (Glissant) Trio Soap and edt used 1x. splash 3x

[Image: vAiBH25.jpg][Image: QEOgx8c.jpg]

Mixed lot: $100
Nuavia Rossa 80%
Eufros Rosa Bourbon 95%
T+S Dark Set- Soap 95%, Splash 75+%
T+S Sicily 90%
CL DdT Splash 99%
Haslinger 20%

[Image: Wh08psY.jpg][Image: NvIWMCf.jpg]

Thanks for looking

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Any chance youd sell the gallows 3piece seperate?
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