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Prices include shipping.

I would accept trades or partial trades for Timeless DE razors (.95 SB in Titanium would be fantastic).

8/8 Quarter Hollow Snail Forge in Wootz Steel - $450

I have had this for a few years, but have moved towards slightly smaller blades.  Takes a unique edge that wipes whiskers away, but feels oddly "soft" against the skin.

8/8 Near Wedge Shavesmith - $225 SOLD

Like the Snail Forge, this guy has been in my possession for a few years, but is a bit larger than what I use these days.  The steel is hand-forged O1, I believe, and is about the closest thing to vintage Sheffield steel out there.

Bout 10 Coticule, Unknown Layer - $90

Measures about 6 inches along the diagonal, and it was from the old quarry site, before Ardennes moved production to their newer mining spot.  It has a "crisp" feel under the blade, and is a solid medium speed on both slurry and water.  I suspect it is a faster La Grise, and the edges are on the brisk end of the spectrum.

Vintage 150mm x 50mm Coticule, "La Grosse Blanche" - $100

I won this at a fundraiser auction at another site, where it was stated to be from the La Grosse Blanche layer.  It feels a lot harder than my other LGB coticule, and a little bit slower as well, but the edges are insanely comfortable on the mellow side of the spectrum.

Monster 200mm x 60mm Natural Combo Coticule, Unknown Layer - $150 TRADED

This is a huge coticule, so for a handheld honer like me it is extreme overkill.  I suspect it is a La Grise, with very slow speeds on water and a good amount of slurry dulling.  Using a good amount of pressure on water only yields one of the mellowest edges you can get off a coticule.  Natural combo, but I haven't used the BBW side.

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Wow! That Snail Forge is stunningly beautiful! Good luck.
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If you please...how about some pics of the coticule?
(09-30-2019, 02:33 PM)Tester28 Wrote: If you please...how about some pics of the coticule?

There should be a series of photos in the album showing each coticule. Was there one which you were hoping for a different angle of?

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Sorry bout that...I se them now.
(10-01-2019, 07:39 AM)Tester28 Wrote: Sorry bout that...I se them now.
Pun intended ?  Big Grin

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