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Selling 2 items:
  • Simpson Chubby 2 Synthetic Brush. Used less than a few dozen times. Excellent condition; however, the "Chubby" printing is starting to fade. Includes original box. $85 $70 USD shipped CONUS.

  • Martin de Candre Original shaving soap. Used 4-5 times, over 95% remaining. Includes original box. $55 $50 USD shipped CONUS. SOLD

[Image: BjcfWF3.jpg]

[Image: apUfo4F.jpg]
Price drops.
One last price drop on the Simpson Chubby 2 Synthetic. I'm going on vacation this weekend and this is the last price drop in order to make a deal before I leave. If it doesn't sell today or tomorrow, I won't be able to ship until the end of the month.
I am willing to bet that the "fading" letters is just soap. Try mixing vinegar and water and using a toothbrush to clean it off.

This happens to my Paladin and I clean the letters back to black in no time.

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