I sell this very famous razor, "Bambola 205 Solingen Il Vero Rasojo Antisettico 205" with original box.

I ask the same price paid by me (€ 230.00), shipping costs chosen by the buyer are not included. No trades.

Constructor Rudolf Schmidt, Lieutenant Colonel of the Swiss Army, began making razors in 1883 in Solingen and later in 1922 he recorded the "Bambola" series in Berlin.
In the years 1960/70 his company produces Model 205 for the Italian market, where he will have a huge success, the "Vero Rasojo Antisettico".

The different level of passivation in the picture is due to the different level of wear and the intervention to remove the oxidation on one of the blades. The most evident peculiarity of the razor is the passivation of the blade and the back which aims to make it more resistant to oxidation. The aesthetic effect is pleasant and the razor is recognizable at first sight.

6/8 with extremely pronounced concavity and round tip.
The razor is one of the most famous and sought after on the Italian market.
luxury version with 3 pins and the silver doll.

Smooth with a satin effect due to passivation.


Made of plastic material, celluloid.

Overall rating:
An excellent razor with excellent performances that was rightly among the favorites of the Italian scene. Geometry and weight are ideal, comfortable round tip, but I would not recommend it to a beginner because the razor needs expert hands to be tamed and give the best.

I do not like the return,
the attached pics represent the state of conservation of this beautiful razor.

[Image: 6US8bH7.png]
[Image: LNb8jVK.jpg]
[Image: 71bXMfN.jpg]
[Image: al0CfMP.png]
[Image: eqj6b17.jpg]
[Image: sipr0Ar.jpg]
[Image: tKOWWJM.png]
[Image: IGS6GEB.jpg]
[Image: HqEEOOV.png]
[Image: vReat2l.jpg]
[Image: rNSePDg.jpg]
[Image: 0G6uMve.png]

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