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I am moving some items. 

1. Razorock Game Changer, .68.  Purchased new, used twice by me.  Retail is $55.  Yours for $42, shipped CONUS. 

2. Razorock Game Changer, .84, Purchased new, unused, unopened other than to photograph (the assembled razor).  Retails is $55, yours for $45 shipped CONUS. 

3.  Semogue 610.  Purchased new by me, used a couple of times, and I just prefer Omega.  Retail is approximately $25.  Yours for $18 shipped CONUS. 

4. PAA Travel Scuttle.  Purchased new by me.  $19.99 plus shipping is retail.  Yours for $15 shipped CONUS.  

5. AP Shave Synbad 30mm brush.  Retails is about $26.  Yours for $20 shipped CONUS. 

6.  Palmolive Shave Sticks are add ons.  If you purchase another item, you can add on one stick for $3, or 2 for $5.  They retail for $4 plus shipping.  

I will include a package of blades with each purchase as long as my supplies of Astra SP last.  I may also include a soap sample i might have lying around.  

Help me pay for one of the 3 watches I just bought.  
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[Image: B9ygN4I.jpg][Image: X83oTSP.jpg][Image: XoastuL.jpg][Image: sqJDhJb.jpg][Image: xDONPfN.jpg][Image: XI2m0Z0.jpg][Image: Afv6exk.jpg][Image: vTJDNo0.jpg][Image: I6NwOBr.jpg]

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RR .68 sold.
.84 gc sold.
Let’s get the rest of this stuff moved.
Travel scuttle sold.

Let’s get these brushes sold.

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