For sale we have 3 sets Conus Shipping Inc. This is a lot and currently not interested in breaking it up.

Limited Edition Run (unobtanium)
Tallow + Steel Merry USED 2x
Martin De Candre Fougere (95% Full) comes with box
Wholly Kaw - Italian Holiday Used one time with new Buffala base ... best base ever imo

150 all shipped
[Image: 7ae44cc36558228d36443285c48233c5.jpg][Image: 6d1d80d67f790d759957198f78f628c6.jpg][Image: b6d3f360eb2ea0a6b7a7c8800f438d81.jpg]

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Wholly Kaw Italian holiday Sold

Take the other 2 for 90 US shipped
Or 50 MDC Fougere & 55 T+S Merry

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MDC Sold!!!
T+S Merry remaining!!
Price reduction 50$ shipped conuse international pays actual

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