For sale. Add $5 for CONUS shipping. No trades. Lowballs ignored.

1) Wolfman Guerilla razor in good condition. See photos. $170

2) Paladin Sumo, Disco, 26mm, 2CSLE4 knot. Lovely example of the disco rod stock in a great handle. $160.

3) Paladin Sherlock, Ivory, 26mm, 2CLSD5 knot. Barely used.

4) Martin De Candre original shave soap in plastic jar. About half full. $15.

[Image: d620963933a9167746b0b10cf558025d.jpg]

[Image: 8241819ec8d046a47ef2262584de91a0.jpg]

[Image: ae2e079cc2934adba36e3fae37a5b28e.jpg]

[Image: c22fa052da04f914ed567b46d95078e6.jpg]

[Image: c4ef92b63bd13094fb39745041b68e7b.jpg]

[Image: 87d87c5c43ee5b7bb7eeec6486034a2d.jpg]
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Sumo sold in 2 seconds. Snooze=lose.
Pagin Rakkasans 2187 if you're still looking to try out MdC
What's the asking price for the Sherlock?
Jeff -L.O.S.E.R.
Sherlock is also $160. Thanks for catching that. I’ll update the original posting.

MdC has sold.
Weekend bump for a nice brush and razor.
Price drop to $150 on the Sherlock and $160 on the razor.

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