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Hi There,

This 28mm Malachite Falstaff (knot code: 2CSLI4) brush is like new. I test lathered it once and subsequently cleaned it with white vinegar + water and unscented dish washing soap, as recommended on other forums. This one is just too large for me, but it is a beautiful brush.

I paid $228.50 including shipping. I’m offering it for $180 shipped and will include the original packaging, ID card, and a NOS puck of sandalwood AOS tallow (unless the buyer opts out).

[Image: 8XDJcyQ.jpg]
[Image: qvjW2fG.jpg]
[Image: v3sTz6Q.jpg]
[Image: F2aZaTX.jpg]

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A great brush offered at an very good price.

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