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These PAA 400’s wet for $49.99 new without knots when they were available. The silver one is now available as a handle for $39.99 new. The red handle is no longer available and has not been available for a while. The ferrules on these are interchangeable as shown in the pictures. They are made from solid aluminum and they have 24mm knots in them. The silver ferrule has a synthetic fan knot and the black ferrule has an Elite Razors 24mm 2 band Manchurian fan knot in it. Selling these together for $100 CONUS via PayPal. Sold separately, either handle with the Elite knotted black ferrule will be $70 and either handle with the synthetic knotted handle $55.
PM me if interested.[Image: a24456483e5025e8653472fa0e836700.jpg]
[Image: b5c82227e1cc313cd8c64ca2e5de6b94.jpg]
[Image: bd2a1feea25b7cccd06d16fc44f87c50.jpg]
[Image: 47610067f3a9b6ba7a80e0bf9aff800c.jpg]
[Image: 9e415fc77ae1ee95cf801c544c40873f.jpg]
[Image: 04d0812aee60817281a8e5d9e0847fba.jpg]

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Silver handle with black ferrule Elite knot SOLD.

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Bump for final run.

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