Looking for $18 shipped in the US for each of these items.
1) Gillette Flair Tip. Will trade for a good synthetic brush also (the other razor pictured with the Gillette isn't for sale).
2) Two unopened packs of Personna injector blades, and one pack with I believe 18 blades left. Will also trade all of these for one new pack of either Schick II injector blades or Schick Proline B-20 injector blades.
[Image: 4436296ddd4cf73d1f13c2adfd92958f.jpg]
[Image: 7e485315c6e5e2fc08e69d597d18ece5.jpg][Image: 2001e79e9766525919668b3d5e872a58.jpg][Image: 28cafb58f8ef7fee3e629b45487ac8b3.jpg][Image: 1ce14f734d60dbf3e2fece6fcfdc8658.jpg]

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I'll take the injector blades.
So shave your face with some mace in the dark.
Injector blades sold

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