DFS is participating in Movember 2018!! Read more here!!

Everything is in perfect condition! With minimal use. See photos

Mongoose II SS - $139
Mongoose II SS polished  - $189
Guerilla Wolfman SB - $279
Asylum Evolution T-Model polished - $179
Stork Ti handls - $ 109 (Each)

Air delivery included with tracking number. PayPal add the fees please.

[Image: 2Lq2q.jpg]
[Image: 2Lq2p.jpg]
[Image: 2Lq2r.jpg]
[Image: 2Lq2s.jpg]
[Image: 2Lq2t.jpg]
[Image: 2Lq2u.jpg]
[Image: 2Lq2v.jpg]
[Image: 2Lq2x.jpg]
[Image: 2Lq2w.jpg]

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Mongoose polished - SOLD

Guerilla now $249 LIKE NEW!!
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Mongoose II SS - SOLD!

Now Stork Ti handls - $ 105 (Each)

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