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$60 Shipped for everything. USPS Priority. Thanks!

1) Cold River Soap Works Premium Shaving Soap - CYPRESS - Lathered only a couple times!

2) The Stray Whisker After Balm - NEW & SEALED - 4oz

3) Two Mystic Water Pucks. Sliced a tiny bit off of each with a clean knife and stored away. Never lathered upon. Jeff's Lavender & Unscented

4) Two New Mystic Water Samples. Egyptian Dragon & Sandalwood Rose

5) Two Brand New Colt Ainer Jars. Same ones used by B&M. Purchased from Maggards.

[Image: 0htOzK9.jpg]

[Image: PlTUHzO.jpg]

[Image: RdVV8G0.jpg]

[Image: BvZV45T.jpg]
Why didn't you try TSW after balm?
I swear by that stuff!

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