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Beautiful piece from the legendary Iwasaki house. I just don’t use it. Only used once since getting it honed by Max Sprecher.  Paid $425 + Honing. Asking $306 G&S shipped CONUS

[Image: 7-D7632-D1-6-EB1-41-E1-89-E8-D4-DE501-ABA0-E.jpg]
[Image: 21931668-1-F57-4961-8-E8-B-5997-A72-F32-DE.jpg]
[Image: 9-D1-A5-BC5-B3-DC-462-F-B22-D-E99308723-B53.jpg]

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WoW!  I don’t suspect that this will last long!  GLWTS Chief!



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Price reduced! $325!!
Price reduced. $306 G&S.

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