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Prices reduced to now include free shipping. All software is very gently used with about 95% left unless noted otherwise. PM with any questions or offers. Payment via PayPal. PPFF or buyer pays fees. Not looking to split up any lots at this time. Thanks for looking!

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Software Lots:

Group A - $110 - Available
  • Tallow and Steel Classic Soap and Splash Set
  • Barrister and Mann Seville Soap
  • Dr. Jons Blood Oath Soap and Splash Set
  • Razorock Lime Shave Oil

Group B - $89 - Available
  • Tallow and Steel Dark Soap
  • Barrister and Mann 42 Soap and Splash Set
  • Razorock The Dead Sea Soap
  • Tabula Rasa Dark Lavender Soap

Group C - $95 - Available
  • Saponificio Varesino Cosmo Soap and Splash Set
  • Declaration Grooming (L&L Grooming) + Chatillon Lux Blackberry Blossom Bay Soap and Balm
  • Mason Boutique High Noon Soap
  • PannaCrema San Francesco

Group D - $110 - Available
  • Declaration Grooming (L&L Grooming) Darkfall Soap, Splash, Liniment
  • LA Shaving Company Santa Monica Bay Rum Soap
  • Stirling Bay Rum Aftershave Splash
  • Wholly Kaw Monaco Royale Soap and Splash
  • Mickey Lee Soapworks Pantie Dropper (about 15-20% left)

  • [SOLD] Timeless Stainless Steel with solid .95 base, scalloped top cap, and pineapple handle - $165
  • [SOLD] Above the Tie Atlas Stainless Steel Set with R1 and M1 plates - $170
  • [SOLD] Gillette Slim Adjustable I-4 (Delta Echo Refinish) - $65
  • Ikon SBS w/ matching bulldog handle - $55
  • (NEW) FrugalShave Knot Size: 26mm Fan - $15
  • (NEW) Groomatorium Silverback 26mm Brush Knot - $10

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