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Hoping these soaps can find a good home after being neglected for other GD scents I've stockpiled.

All pucks are used (puck lathered).  Happy to provide more pics, weights, or answer any questions.

All prices include shipping.  Prices (excluding lot of Mallards) are 2/$39.99, 3/$55.99, 4/$69.99, 6/$99.99.  Add $3 if you want to include the Mallards.  $124.99 for all remaining soaps.


  1. Veritas (including what's left of the original soup) - unused - $30 SOLD!!!
  2. Mallard lot (Early Grey, Chai, Lavendar) - heavily used - $30
  3. Naranja de Sangre - $25 (love this one! lady friend not so much)
  4. Molten - $25 (I love the birch/lady friend hates the birch)
  5. Soap - $25
  6. Cyphre Conifere - $25
  7. Chypre Vert - $25
  8. Citric - $25
  9. Elan - $25
  10. After the Fire - $20
[Image: FX7awBE.jpg][Image: iEGFj8v.jpg][Image: QF2uJL8.jpg]
[Image: yzsyIE3.jpg][Image: J5jG0Ft.jpg][Image: AJqBjCR.jpg]
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[Image: hj2MgVV.jpg]
Price dropped a bunch of these
Veritas sold
I've gotten a few questions on the weight for certain soaps and a request for additional pics.  For reference, my unused Sandalwood & Fig and Mandarin Bays weigh 180 grams without the lid.  My unused Laundry is closer to 170 grams.

I don't think the Elan was lathered more than once based on weight and the way the soap looks.  After The Fire is probably about +75% left.

Anymore questions or pic requests please just let me know.


[Image: t7NRbw7.jpg]
[Image: 5xtzvE0.jpg]
Elan and After The Fire sold.

Prices (excluding lot of Mallards) are now 2/$39.99, 3/$55.99, 4/$69.99, 6/$99.99. Add $3 if you want to include the Mallards in one of the bundles. $124.99 for all remaining soaps.

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