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Gents, selling my General Razors ( Brass & Al) in mint condition with a spare brass handle. Both the razors have been well taken care of and shave excellently well. I am the 2nd owner in my opinion. Never bothered to check for either & moreover brass was a prized possession.

I am gravitating towards DE razors more and they both are not getting much use.

Asking for 175 USD + PP fee @4%.

Price is what I paid for. Interested buyers may PM me for further queries.

Thanks in advance.

Shipped with registered delivery and tracking number.
[Image: dd6909697f55ffd33d1457cfe15f3495.jpg]
[Image: 6317f8561c3c97f3726043b6afcf59b4.jpg]

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Splitting the two now.

Brass with an extra handle - 125$+ 4% ppf
Aluminum - 50$.


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Brass not available anymore. Thanks to the kind member & DFS.

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