Prices include shipping CONUS. Will entertain all offers for trades.

1. GEM MMOC w/Case- $19
[Image: c6fabb932ab23b14f3b6284817b0245a.jpg]
[Image: a2a9ecf9bac2da32ec1efc59291f379a.jpg]

2. GEM Featherweight - $13
[Image: 3f8e29a1736963492a31ed44a02e4b4a.jpg]
[Image: d8cb30c686b6b741244d2939b98ee9fa.jpg]

3. Ever Ready Shovelhead - $15
[Image: 9ba24075dc22ab6d5620d6f58f99860d.jpg]
[Image: 7a41162047660ff24cd218482e93dda8.jpg]

4. Ever Ready Shovelhead - $13
[Image: f13697cd78e17f9a51985a2a0fead5dd.jpg]
[Image: e7e2f6bf9e7e501009dba33c9f8ff2eb.jpg]

5. Gillette Black Handle SS - $14
[Image: dfd5e5af37ac67d198787e9dad2697b9.jpg]
[Image: 297fdaa05a3f2504b24e6ccefb9072c6.jpg]
[Image: 1f72e53a29b946b691d754d379cecc0d.jpg]

Thanks guys and let me know if you have any questions.

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