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I sell this beautiful adjustable razor with original box. Serial Number 29 Turkey, All 316L French Steel.
Wonderful technical realization. Used 3 times. Feels great in the hand, very hefty.
It's a fantastic shaver at around 3; above that becomes progressively a bit more aggressive.
Sold out for some time and probably no longer produced with consequent increase in prices on the free market. I ask how I paid, € 390 € 370,00 via PayPal. Shipping costs chosen by the buyer are not included. I do not like the return.

[Image: APfRdUT.jpg]
[Image: xNjyUok.jpg]
[Image: Gxx2Z88.jpg]
[Image: wQ6GETu.jpg]
[Image: u2jl5IF.jpg]
[Image: CLxzsEe.jpg]
[Image: 2pcgobh.jpg]
[Image: MiCb0Ch.jpg]
[Image: chT1qN5.jpg]
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