Redwood City
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Clearing out some great razors that I don't use much. Shipping from United States. Priced in USD. PayPal only please (F&F preferred but understand if you aren't comfortable with it) . Please include $5 shipping. I can provide close up photos upon request.

Brass Karve Razor, 3.5" Handle with D, E, and F solid bar base plates - $105 SOLD

Blackland Sabre with Both Level 1 and Level 2 Base Plates - $175 SOLD

Timeless Bronze .38 Razor with matching stand and box - $120

Mule Rocca R96 w/ black handle - $80 SOLD

Timeless Razors .95 SB scalloped bar and smooth cap with Plaid Handle - $140 SOLD

Rolls Razor Imperial - $20

photos: https://imgur.com/a/LqlOGhq

more photos of the timeless SS: https://imgur.com/gallery/yuZif62

Redwood City
Sabre has been sold

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