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Hey everybody, it's time for me to purge some items that don't make it into my rotations at this point. I suspect I'm hitting that "old man syndrome" where I've got my tried-and-true stuff that I don't deviate from very much!

I don't have many trade needs, outside of possibly JNAT finishers.

Anyway, first up are a series of coticules.

In album order:

$100 shipped - Suspected La Veinette in birch box with slurry stone. This is one of the newer La Veinettes coming out of Belgium, with a smooth feel, good speed, and excellent finishing. These are super easy to use, this one is the easiest of the bunch. Dimensions are about 175mm x 45+mm.

SOLD! $40 each shipped - Three coticules, all about 125mm in length and at least 40mm in width. (L) La Dressante bout, super hard and glassy, these are fantastic stones that are usually in very high demand and relatively tough to find. It provides a "sharper" edge than many other cotis, but is pretty tricky to work with the slurry. (M) La Nouvelle Veine natural combo bout. Incredibly slow worker, but provides an absurdly gentle edge. Visually it looks very, very different, but feels so smooth under the blade. I prefer to use a light slurry up until the very, very end on this one. ® Unknown vein with a surface that looks a decent amount like La Grise, but has some serious oxidizing going on. I haven't used this one very much, but found that the edges were extremely easy under running water and on the "gentle" side of things. Jarrod thought it might be La Grosse Blanche layer, and the edges compare well to the two examples of that which I have.

$80 shipped - Suspected Les Petas bout, size 10 with a diagonal reach of about 150 mm. It was sold to me from TSS as a possible "La Grise", but I think it was actually an early sample of the aforementioned Les Petas. Decently hard, good speed, low difficulty to use, and texturally starts to feel "gravely" after a while. Comes with slurry stone.

SOLD! Two Brushes.

$80 each - (L) 24mm bulb Thater 2-band. Soft tips that show the curling and feel a bit on the gel side (but not all-out the way they were in 2012ish). Great condition, rarely used. ® 23mm Shavemac 2-band Silvertip bulb with unique density. Close to full-on gel feeling with this, and a terrific sample of what Shavemac brushes can be.

$225 - ShaveSmith 8/8 near-wedge in Cocobolo Scales

[Image: SdrVapo.jpg]

Terrific razor that is the closest to old-style Sheffield wedges I have experienced from modern makers. The scales are wildly different-looking and the pictures don't do them justice. Honed with two layers of tape, I'll refresh the edge before shipping out. Feel free to ask questions about this one, it's very special.

$375 - 8/8 Max Sprecher quarter-hollow in Blue Paua Scales

[Image: BRA30J2.jpg]

This razor is superbly-crafted with a tiny, even bevel that feels much more like a half-hollow grind due to how thin it gets at the edge. I had it made with a gentle smile and MK-32 style thumb notching, and has ergonomics in spades. There are two small black spots of pitting I tried to capture in the photos. As with above, it will be refreshed before shipping, and ask any questions you may have!
Reductions on remaining items
Final reductions - ShaveSmith $225, Sprecher $375!

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