DFS Movember Lot #2 is now live!! Read more here!!

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I am offering the following brushes for sale; all prices include CONUS shipping.

- Envy Shave '8-Ball w/ Black Wolf Fan (lightly used) $62 now $57
- Epsilon Krion 2-band ST (lightly used) $135 now $130
- **Sold** Wolf Whiskers Regina Coelli in Midnight Orchid (new) $82
- **Sold** Masetto Shaving 30 mm Finest Badger (new) $41

Please send me a PM with questions and/or interest. Thank you for looking.

[Image: XEpBGYh.jpg]

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- Josh
PM sent

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Always pleasure to deal with friends. Smile

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It truly is when there is a gentleman on the other side Wink

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- Josh
price drop
- Josh

Veni, vidi, vici
New Vegas
That Epsilon is a beauty. GLWTS.

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Shaving for 46+ years; enjoying my shaves since 2014
Ah, che bel vivere, che bel piacere per un barbiere di qualità...

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