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Looking to sell these brushes to help defray some recent emergency expenses. Prices include shipping. CONUS ONLY

1. Simpsons Captain- 24mm Manchurian. Handle is broken but knot should come out easily. $40 SOLD
2. Grizzly Bay w/ 26mm v2 Fanchurian- beautiful brush. [s]$105 Now $95 $85[/s] SOLD
3. TDR Jeff Huck (precoin) with 28mm Elite Razors Manchurian. $95 Now $85 $75  WITHDRAWN
4. Mozingo Brushworks w/ 26mm synthetic. $35 Now $30 $25

But individually or I’ll sell the lot for $250 take the remaining 3 for $185

[Image: D7iUGLg.jpg][Image: YRN1qm6.jpg][Image: BoiVhIO.jpg][Image: xMgiy05.jpg][Image: EbrnzTQ.jpg]

Thanks for looking

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Simpsons sold. Thank you buyer.
Prices dropped on the brushes. Gotta move these to help with some vet bills.
Price drops and correction on brush #3 it was made by Jeff Huck
Huck withdrawn

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